The move from Lincoln to the Big O

In June of 2018, I got an awesome job offer from Flywheel. I have been a customer for about 2 years now and always thought about being a Flywheeler (employee). Once I graduated with my degree in Computer Information Technology, I started to job shop to see where I can grow more in my career. Not to take away from my previous job before Flywheel, but I just needed a change. Flywheel looked like my definition of a dream job but I was waiting for the right time to join, and couldn’t have been happier to now be apart of the Flywheel family. It truly is my dream job.

I always saw myself moving to Omaha. Whenever I drove up from Lincoln it just felt right. A big pain about Lincoln was that there aren’t as many good restaurants, furniture stores and really just any type of store. Omaha has EVERYTHING you need. I always thought Nebraska was my home so I didn’t even think about moving out of state. After living here now for about 3 months, I am happy to call Omaha my new home.